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During the amazing festival “Es Firó”, the inhabitants of Sóller and Port de Sóller re-enact the invasion of the Turkish and Algerian fleets of pirates and their successful defeat. Held with great passion, this colourful and realistic festival celebrates Sollerics’ cultural heritage while they dress up as both the invaders and the locals, in traditional costumes of the period (1561).
Every year, two young girls play the role of ‘Courageous Women” “Valentes Dones”, who defended themselves from two Turkish pirates during the invasion. Moreover, several historic episodes that recall the bloody fights between the Moors and the Christians take place at specific locations in and around Sóller, those locations gaining a rising importance in the development of the festival.
In the afternoon, people gather at the Port to witness an exciting battle between the two sides in which Turkish pirates keep on landing in shore and peasant women arrive from the town in order to help the rest of the population defend their homes. In the meanwhile, shotguns fire and wooden swords and small stone catapults are used. In the evening (in Sóller’s main square) there takes place the final showdown where the invaders are eventually defeated, songs are sung and the festival ends with an incredible display of fireworks.


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